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Selfcare is not just for Sunday

Selfcare is not just for Sunday

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28 Nov 2019

Busy schedules can get in the way of taking care of yourself. Selfcare gives the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you. Here are our daily self-care tips to cultivate a clear mind and a confident spirit.  

Make space for your passions
Within the busyness of your schedule, remind yourself of your passions and schedule them into your calendar in advance just as you would any other task. This will help you stay focused and will give you an outlet for life’s pressures. Whatever it may be - volunteering, nature, journaling or art - make room for what sets your soul on fire. 

Attune your focus to the present 
Practicing mindfulness promotes appreciation. When you have a mindset of thankfulness, your demeanor changes and you’re not so hard on yourself. This can be as simple as taking deep breaths or counting the things you’re grateful for in your life. Be present and watch yourself bloom. 

It’s hard to exercise when you barely have time for breakfast, but moving is a simple way to reward yourself with maximum benefits. Simply, make time to move because it will lower stress and keep your energy high. If you are stuck at a desk all day, go for a short walk throughout the day to stretch your legs. Or when you get home unwind with a yoga video on YouTube. This will boost your mood and get your blood flowing! 

Take extra time for your skin 

Whether it's lathering your body in Aloe Hand and Body Lotion after you get out of the shower or putting on our Rejuvenation Face Mask a few times a week, taking those extra moments will soothe your skin and calm your mind. Skincare should be self love, not an obligation. And as we like to say… Good Skin, Good Mood, Good Day!

Self talk
Read and repeat out loud positive affirmations everyday. Talk to yourself like you are talking to someone you love. Our own thoughts can be our own worst enemy, retrain your thinking through self talk. Less self judgement and more self love. 

Be kind to yourself and then let your kindness fill the world.
Love Grace x

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